Frequently Asked Questions

Website Access

How do I add a new ResidentScreening user?
How do I change the access level of an existing user?
How do I change my password?
How do I change my security questions/ profile information?
How do I Log Out?


How do I create a new application?
What if an applicant doesn’t have a Social Security Number? (International applicants only)
How do I add an applicant or guarantor to an application?
How do I remove an applicant or guarantor from an application?
How can I save an application and complete later?
How do I print the application results?
What property should I choose for my applicant?
How can an applicant obtain a copy of his/her Consumer Reports?

Activity Page

What is the Activity Page?
What is an Activity?
How do I use the Quick Search Filter?
What do the Service Status icons mean?
What does the Undecided button on the activity page do?
Why can’t I view all of my records that are returned?
How can I view the application details from the Activity Page?
What does the "Unfinished Applications" mean on the Activity page?
What do the color bars next in the Credit, Criminal, Evictions & Documents Columns mean?
What should I do if a service has an Error status?
What is a Lease Decision?
Why is the Lease Decision dropdown on the Activity page?
Why do some applications have a Plus sign in the Lease Docs column?
What does the Plus sign in the Lease Docs column mean?
Why do I see my/someone else’s name in the Created by column?

Credit(Applicable if the Credit service is used)

Is Employment Income required if an applicant is not employed?
Is a specific credit score required for the applicant to be accepted?
How do I add an applicant using a corporate account?
How do I view a credit report?
Why can’t I see the entire credit report?
How can I re-use a previous credit report when editing a completed application?
Are credit reports/recommendations used to make other decisions?
What does a Credit Result ‘High Risk Collections Found’ mean?
What does the Credit Result ‘Possible Foreclosure Detected’ mean?
Why was the credit application declined?
If the ResidentScreening recommendation results in a decline, can an applicant still be accepted?

Criminal(Applicable if the Criminal service is used)

Why do I have to select a state and a county when I add a County Criminal search?
How do I view the criminal records for an applicant?
How do I know if the criminal records provided are a match to my applicant?

Eviction(Applicable if the Evictions service is used)

How do I view the eviction records for an applicant?
How do I know if the eviction reports provided are a match to my applicant?
If one or more Eviction Records match my applicant, does that mean he/she was evicted in the past?
What is a Forcible Entry Detainer (FED)?


What is an International Application Form?
What is a Corporate Lease Application?


How do I view/print the policies page?
Are the policies listed all of the policies for my property?
How can a modified policy be updated on the policy page?


What is a Management Report?

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Lease Decision Analysis by Leasing Recommendation
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Average Annual Applicant Income per Month


Average Annual Applicant Income Level
Average Annual Cosigner/Guarantor Income Level
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Application Summary
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Criminal Check - Application Detail
Eviction Check - Application Detail
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Eviction Request Distribution


Transactions Billed


How do I find an application (Quick Search Filter)?
How do I edit a completed application for reprocessing?
How do I print a recommendation letter for an applicant?